Home Automation and Smart Homes are essentially the same thing in New Braunfels, TX or anywhere in the world. Home Automation allows you to take advantage total home control. Keep an eye on your home while on vacation and while on your business trips with a customized security system. How about lighting and HVAC control for energy savings, and audio video distribution for your home entertainment? We can design and install a new home automation system for our clients in an existing home or a new construction home. By total home automation control, you can take advantage of a complete system, or a starter system.

Don’t find yourself scratching your head by going with a company or system that just hasn’t stood the test of time! Kick your feet up in your recliner, have a cold beverage, and truly take control of your total home environment in New Braunfels.

Home Automation System Control New Braunfels TX

Use your IPAD to control your Home Automation System!

Areas of the home you can control:

  • Lighting Systems
  • Audio & Video Distribution
  • Security Systems
  • Access Control
  • Home Theater Rooms
  • Shading Solutions
  • HVAC & Energy Management Solutions
  • More

Your New Braunfels Texas home can be outfitted with many control options. Some clients just want Smart Home Automation for simple security systems, and then plan to add on lighting control, access control and other features later. We’ll help you design and outfit a home automation system for your new construction home, remodel project, or existing home. If you want to focus on energy management and security for starters, that is also a popular selection. What many homeowners forget about is that lighting automation systems for your home can also help your security presence by warding off potential vandals, criminals, etc. We can design and program the Home Automation System to turn on lights at specific times, dim lights, turn on outside lights, make it seem like you are home when in fact you are away, etc. Utilizing the lighting control portion and installing new switches will also allow you to take advantage of energy savings by dimming lights and setting automated timers for specific lights.

Custom Home Automation in New Braunfels, TX

Home Theater Room with Home Automation Control Features!

Many clients like our programming recommendations to turn specific lights on in the home once the garage door opener is activated. Others like having control of the thermostat in they’re sweltering Southeast Texas home throughout the day, even if on a business trip overseas. Some people like to leave cute messages through they’re audio system at home for they’re spouse. Really, home automation brings limitless potential. I-tunes integration, movies can be accessed online, music videos, and much much more! We have even been known to recommend installation of a video monitor in kitchens that is hooked up to the computer network, so that those who often cook can access online recipes – so cool!

Home Theater Rooms are often decked out with lighting, window shades, motorized projector screens, and more, and it can all be controlled by your IPAD and your Smart Home System! Truly amazing capabilities come with Automation, and we are your tools to get you to your end goal! We look forward to working with you.

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More on Home Automation…

Are you looking solutions for your home, but just don’t know what you need or what is available? There are high end home automation and home integration systems and also more affordable audio video distribution systems out there to fit your budget. We offer top notch, but reasonably priced Home Automation Systems, Control, and Audio & Video Distribution Solutions for our clients. These systems are not just for new construction homes anymore thanks to advancing smart home technology around the world. Home Automation is a great product that we are excited about being involved with. We are offering home automation systems in New Braunfels and surrounding areas!

Can you imagine touching a light that was left turned on in your home via a touch screen view, or taking a look at all of the security cameras on your property from your smart phone screen while you are lounging in Tokyo at a business meeting, or from your New Braunfels office? The control is incredible, as you can display and control one or many devices at a time from your smart phone via a downloaded app.

A big thing in Home Automation these days is system service. Folks who purchase your average home automation system typically incur thousands of dollars in service call costs each year due to system bugs, maintenance, and simply because the system is not easy to use for the homeowner. We try to keep it simple for your benefit, but customize to your needs at the same time.

Did you forget to program the shades to be “pulled” down in your family room on a sweltering and sunny summer day? Well if it is facing the Western sky and you want to protect your elegant furniture, you can easily pull the shades down from the touch of a button!

The latest and greatest tools on the market to control your home systems including Lighting, Audio Video, Security, Shades, HVAC, and more.

Give us a call today (contact info. at top of page) and we will setup a time to demo the system, or help you with any other A/V, Home Theater, or Home Automation needs.

Okay, here is my explanation of saving you big bucks on home automation installation labor. You may think that you are out of luck since you have an old home that isn’t wired for all of this gear, right? Think again my friend! The latest and greatest technology is transmitting signal via your own wireless network at home. What does that mean for you if you own a home that was built before 2000? Well, it means you can still meet your goals for your home automation, home technology, and/or home audio video distribution. The fact that Home Automation Systems communicate via your wireless network means that you won’t be paying an arm and a leg to wire your new home, or retro wire your current home, though there is nothing wrong with wiring up if you want. This could mean thousands of dollars in savings. It seems that the future is a wire-free future for home technology in New Braunfels.